Get to Know Our Day Habilitation Program

Get to Know Our Day Habilitation Program

Get to Know Our Day Habilitation Program

We understand that choosing the right day program for your developmentally disabled loved one is a big decision. To help, we’ve put together this Q&A with the team who makes our Day Habilitation program best in class.

Who is the DayHab program for?

ARC’s DayHab program is tailored to developmentally disabled adults 21 and older.

When is the DayHab program offered at ARC’s Brooklyn location?

The program is available Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 3:30pm, excluding national holidays. ARC provides transportation to and from the program for those who are unable to get here on their own.

ARC's van

What daily activities are offered within the program?

We provide a wide range of activities such as art, recreation, music and job training skills. These activities allow individuals to get out into their community and stimulate their mind, body and spirit. We offer yoga, Zumba, art therapy, sign language and math classes at the Flatbush YMCA. ARC teaches job training skills at the local mall and libraries. Individuals can also participate in music therapy sessions at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, available twice a week. We also allow individuals time to give back to the community with volunteer opportunities at food pantries.

ARC attendees playing music

How does the DayHab program expand on ARC’s emphasis on arts?

We employ an art teacher at the local YMCA and we offer music lessons twice a week at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. We also have special arts and crafts projects available around the holidays. For example, this Valentine’s Day we will be making Valentine’s Day cards, friendship bracelets and decorations for our party.

ARC attendees doing arts and crafts

What makes ARC’s program special?

We understand that strong relationships are foundational to growth. We pride ourselves on having a 5 to 1 employee to client ratio so that we can build these relationships with the individuals in our program as well as their families. Our team of professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, some medically experienced and some personally experienced with supporting developmentally disabled adults. We also have staff members who are bi-lingual so that we are able to expand our client support network.

ARC attendee playing basketball

What is DayHab’s mission?

Our program’s mission is to help these individuals feel normal and independent in their daily lives. We are a unique support system ready to welcome you.

How can I find out more about ARC and the DayHab program?

You can call us at 718-531-7500 to find out more and schedule your free tour. We look forward to meeting you!