Springing Into the Next Phase

Springing Into the Next Phase

Pre-Voc Workshop Space.

Spring has sprung like cherry blossoms on trees. And just like the flowers, ARC is also experiencing a re-emergence. On Monday, April 12th, the Pre-Vocational Program resumed in person workshops. During the last year, resident and non-resident participants were only able to meet via Zoom. Although still able to work with staff on their goals, they were not able to engage the community in person.

This is not only exciting because they will be in person, but also because the workshop will be held in a newly renovated space. The space has uplifting wall colors and beautiful artwork that includes the names of ARC individuals. 

In order to be COVID-19 compliant, there will be smaller groups and the furniture will be appropriately separated for social distancing. This space is sure to inspire anyone who enters and especially those ARC individuals nurturing their vocational aspirations.

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Check out the photos of the newly renovated space!