Pre-Vocational & Community Pre-Vocational Services

Pre-Vocational & Community Pre-Vocational Services


The Community Pre-Voc program at Adult Resources Center, Inc. is a “Home and Community Based Waiver Service”, providing individuals with daily services based on their specific needs and preferences. The individual has to have vocational aspirations, as well as meet eligibility requirements in the area of vocational capabilities.

The Employment Specialist will initially develop an employment profile with each individual, through a discovery and assessment evaluation. The individual will be screened for: career goal objectives, past work experiences, personal skill set and ambitions for the world of competitive work. We will also consult with all members of the team, including: Service Coordinators, Hab. Counselors, and family/community advocates.

Our staff will train individuals in the areas of: travel training, job shadowing, interviewing skills, following directives, utilizing appropriate social skills, work routine/work attitude, multi-tasking and so on.

Through the assessment process, staff will engage individuals in job matching, by learning about an individual’s skills, interests and abilities. Every individual will learn about work place standards, culture and interpersonal skills training, relevant to a particular worksite in the community.

Once an appropriate placement is made at a community business, the Employment Specialist will maintain regular communication with the Employer and individual, acting as a liaison to ensure that placement is working out. The Employment/Hab. Specialist will work in collaboration with all parties to resolve any minor work conflicts, if and when they arise. A Job Coach will also be implemented while in the process of assisting the individual to achieve work place performance standards. Our objective is to get the job duties down to the expected standardized routine, by implying the persons’ vocational abilities, and work ethic.

The Pre-Vocational Training Program

The Pre-Vocational Training Program follows a work readiness/pre-vocational model where consumers work on-site, performing assembly, shrink, wrapping, labeling, and packaging tasks for which they’re paid on a piece rate. These individuals receive vocational counseling to prepare for their future and the possibility of moving into a supportive or competitive work environment. This program provides structure vocational training and gives the consumers a sense of independence and accomplishment. Our program also provides in-house Case Managers with vocational training. Our Case Managers hold annual and semi-annual program meetings. At these meetings a review takes place with the interdisciplinary team, and the individual of course, whereby he/she gets to give feedback on their valued outcome plan. These goals consist of academic, vocational, and social outcomes in nature.

Transportation is provided to and from the Pre-Voc Program for all Adult Resources Center, Inc. residents.

Eligibility Criteria:

If you are interested in referring an individual to the Adult Resources Center, Inc. for placement please provide the following:

  • An updated annual physical with PPD
  • A current psychological evaluation with IQ scores
  • A current psychosocial assessment
  • A current service plan (as provided by the MSC)