Recreational/Family Support Services

Adult Resources Center, Inc. Recreational Programs

Promoting Individualization, Independence, Inclusion and Productivity

Here at the Adult Resources Center, Inc. we take recreation seriously, and continue to meet the challenges of creative programming. The whole idea is for us to have as much fun as possible as we enhance our lives, nurture our minds, and keep our bodies in shape. We accomplish these goals through multi-leveled programs which offer an array of recreational services to residential and community-based individuals who are developmentally disabled.

Adult Resources Center, Inc.’s multi-recreational programs are designed to provide recreational activities and community inclusion opportunities for developmentally disabled adults, which is consistent with the concept of 3 I’s & P (individualization, Independence, Inclusion & Productivity).

  • We maintain a safe, productive and therapeutic sound environment.
  • We foster the positive building of strong peer relationships to increase and enhance social skills through personalized outcomes.
  • We promote independence and individuality to develop skills that can be generalized and integrated in the community.
  • We also offer, a unique aerobic exercise program developed for physically challenged individuals to increases fitness levels.
  • We provide weekend respite to those families residing in Brooklyn, that have family members with developmental disabilities living at home.


In addition to the on-site activities, we are always on the go. Our many outings include concerts, fairs, the circus, dining, sports events, casinos, annual vacations and more.


If you are interested in referring an individual for recreational services, please provide the following:

  • An updated annual physical with PPD
  • A current psychological evaluation with IQ scores
  • A current psychosocial assessment
  • Be a Brooklyn resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age