Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation

These are the current day programs provided by Adult Resources Center, Inc.


Program Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am – 3:30pm

Day Habilitation Program

Adult Resources Center, Inc. run a Day Habilitation program “without walls” for its individuals that are out in the community each day. Our mission is to assist our individuals in reaching their maximum potential, with regards to increasing their social interaction skills, community awareness and vocational skills at volunteer work sites. They also participate in recreational outings. This program emphasizes community integration and socialization under the supervision of fully trained staff who teach appropriate work and social etiquette skills. This program allows our individuals to be out and about with regular work responsibilities, teaching individuals what it might be like to have supportive work, or to be in a regular job one day. Transportation is also provided door-to-door from home to program and back home at the end of the day.

The music and arts portion of the program provides programming around music, art, and drama techniques. This unique program serves individuals “aging out” of the school system, who have shown interest and abilities in those areas. The individual’s weekly schedules consist of music instruction at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Arts and Crafts/Art Therapy (by a trained Art Therapist), and various field trips to Concert Halls, Art Exhibits, Plaster Galleries, and Museums.