The performing and visual arts program at ARC are about more than playing musical instruments and painting.

The program opens the door to community engagement, self-expression, self-worth and helps the people we serve, explore the world in a new way.

Performing Arts

Our music program participants are given the opportunity to create and perform by playing instruments singing, dancing, and acting in musical theater. It’s a way to communicate emotions by connecting to their audience, that are otherwise difficult to express. Others are just natural-born stars who love the fun of the spotlight! For those who are non-verbal, music making offers a chance to make new friends while making beautiful sounds and being part of music community. More than just a good time, it’s well documented that participating in music making promotes self-confidence, mindfulness and joy to our participants.

Visual Arts

Hands-on, creative work is a vital part to Arts@ARC. Participants are invited to use a wide range of media and add their twists to guided craft projects. There is a focus on transforming real-world objects into art. This “recycling” forms a connection between a tactile experience of creative work and a new way to view the world beyond the four walls of the art classroom.

Benefits of the Arts

Arts@ARC is designed to help the special needs community from 8 to 80+ grow their confidence, develop their social skills and express their thoughts and feelings.

If the only medium people had to express their feelings were language, a major part of the richness of life, with all its beauty and rhythms would be cut off. We welcome our clients and family members to join our vibrant community and celebrate, sound, glitter, glue, tambourines and applause!