Connecting with ARC

Connecting with ARC

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The last year has revealed the importance and power of simple contact. We could no longer rely on expressing our feelings through gesture. That hug to comfort, that high five to celebrate, the way we connected with each other had to change. We had to find new ways of showing appreciation and love. So humanity did what it has done well for ages, adapted. The world has gotten more creative in finding ways of communicating with each other. And ARC, like the world, has many ways of connecting with our community. 

You can visit ARC’s website at; or spend time scrolling through our Facebook page using the name @AdultResourcesCenter or our Instagram page using the name @arcinc_ny. You can use these connections to stay up to date on ARC’s residence and Day Habilitation program events and any relevant news.

And if while you are on Facebook you find something that you like so much you want to share with your friends you can share by doing the following:

Below a post

1. Click thepastedGraphic.pngShare button on the bottom right of the post.

2. Click the Share Now (Public) button.

ARC’s post is then shared publicly on your timeline to your friends!

Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash