A Very ARC Valentine’s Day

A Very ARC Valentine’s Day

A Very ARC Valentine’s Day

At ARC we take holidays very seriously…seriously fun! We sent out invitations to all our program attendees and their family members for our Valentine’s Day afternoon party. Guests were asked to wear red, black and white; some attendees even dressed in suits and skirts to impress their friends and sweethearts!

ARC community eating around the table

As part of our Day Habilitation program for I/DD adults in the Greater New York City area, we offer art classes at the Flatbush YMCA. Last week these art classes were spent making special Valentine’s Day cards and friendship bracelets to give as gifts at the party. However, we didn’t stop there! We ordered pizza, danced and even hosted a special table for couples to celebrate the love. These events bring together staff, program attendees and their families for some well-deserved fun.

handmade gifts

While every couple has their own special love story, Molique and Chancia’s is extra special to us because they met through the ARC DayHab program. Chancia had been attending the day program for about a year when Molique arrived. Their eyes locked immediately and everyone around them could tell it was love at first sight. From that moment they have been inseparable, even helping their parents become close friends. They are a couple who brings out the best in each other. Right away Molique’s laid back approach to life balanced Chancia’s strong will. We love seeing grow in their relationship and couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it!

couple at the Valentine's day party
Chancia and Molique at this year’s Valentine’s Day event.

While ARC celebrates the special differences in everyone’s story, this Valentine’s Day we focused on how love is something we all share.

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