ARC to Build on Arts Program in 2019

ARC to Build on Arts Program in 2019

ARC to Build on Arts Program in 2019

My name is Joseph, I am past president and founder Marilyn Hirschhorn’s nephew and want to take this moment to thank all of you for making my late Uncle’s facility such a success. I am very proud of all of you including staff and residence. Thank you for continuing the successes of the ARC centers. All my love goes to all of you. As they say in a baseball game ”YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK”. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK.

 ARC program outing ARC participants doing art therapy

Building Arts@ARC

January is the time to look back on all we’ve accomplished while looking forward to new beginnings. It is a time for re-examining our physical, mental and emotional goals. ARC is devoted to fostering physical, mental and emotional goals for the developmentally disabled children and adults in the greater New York City area, because resolutions for a better life are not limited to certain individuals. They are shared by all who strive for it. As ARC Board President Jaimie Blackman says, “We shouldn’t tell people what they can’t do; we should tell them what they can do.”

In 2019 ARC is continuing to focus on Blackman’s vision of bringing arts to the forefront of its habilitation programs. Why arts? Part of physical, mental and emotional growth comes with finding purpose. “They’re giving back to the community that’s been giving to them,” says Blackman. Arts provides the opportunity to express oneself without barriers.

ARTS@ARC Christmas performance guitar and singing ARTS@ARC Christmas performance singer

Get Involved with Arts@ARC

ARC will continue to provide scholarships for Arts@ARC to developmentally disabled individuals. The scholarship covers the cost of brand new instruments, instructors and transportation to and from the Flatbush YMCA in Brooklyn.

ARTS@ARC music class with instruments 

In addition, Arts@ARC strives to expand its program offerings in 2019 with performing arts, painting and photography. The goal is to build an entire arts center for developmentally disabled and their families to enjoy for years to come. However in order to see this vision come to life, Arts@ARC needs the community to get involved. We are in need of more volunteers as well as interested participants. As an afternoon program, Arts@ARC is a supplement to the incredible hands-on programs ARC is already known for, such as its Day Habilitation and Pre-Vocational Services.

Therefore let 2019 be a new beginning for you and your loved one. “Think outside the box. Let them dream, be creative and not be constrained by what’s happened before. Build a new future,” says Blackman.

To learn more about ARC programs or make a donation, please visit or call 718-531-7500.