Arts@ARC Welcomes New Music Therapist

Arts@ARC Welcomes New Music Therapist

Arts@ARC Welcomes New Music Therapist

We are extremely excited to announce that our new Music Therapist has joined the Arts@ARC program!

Melissa Guttman will be teaching the Arts@ARC program twice a week. ARC partnered with Brooklyn Music School to bring her on board. Melissa’s goal is to integrate music education with music therapy for our Individuals.

Melissa graduated with a Master’s Degree from NYU in Music Therapy. She specializes in music psychotherapy which has impacted the majority of her career roles. Currently she works at various Senior Centers to help elderly musicians battling memory loss and dementia. She has also worked with Voices of Valor, a program to help Veterans deal with trauma from war and adjusting to society after the war.

“I was focusing on skill building with them, but it was still a therapeutic process, like helping them write a song to feel that they’re overcoming the trauma of their past and creating a new future through the lyrics. It was an accomplishment that created a new possibility for them personally as well.”

Melissa wants to bring this type of skill building combined with therapy to our ARC Individuals. Each Arts@ARC participant is to set meaningful goals that they will be working towards; whether emotional, cognitive or musical. They will work towards these goals during their twice weekly sessions with Melissa.

students in music therapy class

“I think creativity brings meaning and purpose. I don’t think you can ever be fulfilled in life unless you have a purpose.”

When we asked Melissa what she was most looking forward to, she was quick to reply that she is looking forward to the relationships that she will build with each and every ARC Individual participating in the program. She is looking to inspire people to achieve their full potential. She is hoping that as this program evolves long term, Arts can have the opportunity to affect every aspect of their lives in a positive way.

“I’m a big believer that helping them become better at their chosen instruments is going to enhance their self-esteem and also give them another way to express themselves to make their life fuller.”

To learn more about how to join the Arts@ARC program, make a donation, or volunteer, please call 718-531-7500. We encourage you to ask about scholarship options available for Individuals looking to enroll. Scholarships cover the cost of the instrument, transportation to and from the Flatbush YMCA as well as the lessons.