Thank You Pam!

Thank You Pam!

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In 2020, how we work has changed. People have become more important than ever. Here at ARC, Pamela Adamo, affectionately known as Pam, shined brightly. Pam is skilled in many ways, not limited to, grant writing, fundraising, corporate communications, project management and strategic planning. When you meet Pam she is poised, pleasant, smart and down to earth. And what bubbles to the surface is a deep dedication to supporting people with developmental disabilities. In the last three years Pam has helped bring six grants to the ARC organization. She was particularly expeditious in securing pandemic support grants. This is amazing in any industry, but in the nonprofit world this is extraordinary! To have a professional grant writer as focused and successful in their pursuits as Pam enhances everyone’s experience at the organization.  What does this mean to individuals who are connected? It means that, with Pams help, in the last three years they have had more access, more enrichment, and just a better quality experience at ARC. It means that she has helped make the work of the staff a little easier. It also means that her work has helped ARC do more to reach more families and help developmentally disabled adults live to their fullest potential.

Here are some thoughts how Pam has positively affected some staff at ARC in their own words:

“I would like to give Pam my deepest appreciation for everything she has done for ARC, she has been a shinning star.  Her dedication to ARC’s staff and individuals has assisted in providing exceptional support, she has touched so many hearts from a distance.  Again, thank you Pam for all that you do!”

-Francois Lédée

“On March 18, 2020, our Day Habilitation and Prevocational programs were temporary closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As expected, the closure of our programs and suspension of services had a negative impact on those we support; suddenly cherished schedules were interrupted. Thankfully, with the support and assistance of Pamela Adamo, ARC was able to obtain laptops and recreational supplies for our programs; enabling us to continue to meet the needs of our individuals. While our individuals no longer had a program to travel to, virtually, they traveled to the Caribbean island of Barbados and Jamaica. While their favorite deli and restaurants had closed their doors, our individuals learned to prepare their favorite foods through remote learning. And while our programs were forced to cancel several social events; including the program’s annual fun day, our individuals were able to connect socially through virtual parties. Pamela, we thank you, as this was made possible by our dedicated staff and the laptops and resources you helped us to secure.” 

-Sandy Champagne-Belotte, MA, SO DO

Director of Rehabilitative Services 

“Pam has been a tremendous help to the agency and me in particular since I am in charge of our health records system.  She has procured grants for devices that help with training and the growth of our agency by supporting the documentation efficiency of the services we provide.” 

-Christalee Lynch

Thank you Pamela Adamo!