Remembering Michael

Remembering Michael

Michael King.

ARC was founded as a place to give people the opportunity to live life without fear of discrimination or isolation. At the ARC, a person can find community – a home, therapeutic care, friends and companions. This is the result of caring founders who had the vision, foresight and fortitude to plan ahead and make sure their children would be taken care of. One family in particular, Harriet and Steve King, as founding members, placed their two children, Michael and Virginia, in ARC. Virginia passed away a few years ago and this month, after about 65 years residing at ARC, Michael succumbed to heart failure. 

Michael, who turned 80 years old at the end of September, was known as a lover of jokes who enjoyed taking trips to Atlantic City with ARC. He was a pleasant person who was loved by many individuals and staff and had a particularly special relationship with Carol.

At ARC Michael found an extended family, especially with the twenty people in his residence. He managed the life his parents helped establish; with the care of staff and his advocate and cousin Eric “Ricky” Steinberg. 

Michael will be missed.