Parent and Individual Share Their ARC Experience

Parent and Individual Share Their ARC Experience

While we love sharing about ARC and the value of our programs, we want you to hear it from our ARC Individuals and their family members. We sat down with Molique and his mom, Michelle, to talk about their experience with the program.

Molique with Mom, Michelle
Molique with Mom, Michelle

Molique, 22, has been with ARC since 2017. He currently participates in Day Habilitation, Commmunity Habilitation, Respite and our Music Program. He is a Brooklyn native and lives with Michelle.

Before starting at ARC, Michelle and Molique were visited by Ms. Edwards, one of our case workers. She determined that they would benefit from DayHab in particular so that Michelle could have relief and Molique could socialize, meet friends and enhance his everyday independence.

“He is doing very well. He loves this program. He loves his friends. Everyday they all talk on Snapchat. They love the program, all of them,” Michelle says.

Molique does love Snapchat and hanging out with his friends. But he also has a love for singing and music that has been nurtured through our Music Program. He recently performed in our June concert with a group of friends, rapping and singing “Oye Mi Canto” for an audience.

When asked what he loves about ARC, Molique said he likes going out in the community and volunteering at places like The Gap and the City Council. He loves the events like Fun Day and the Annual Dinner Dance where participants dress up and have a formal evening in Brooklyn. He recently met his girlfriend through ARC and is excited to attend the dance with her. He is also looking forward to ARC’s annual trip to Pennsylvania where they shop, eat and see a show at Sight and Sound.

When asked about ARC’s impact on Molique’s journey, Michelle says, “This place is phenomenal. I love the way they do it. You walk through and you can feel the love. Every last case worker, you can feel the love they have for the kids.”

So what would Michelle tell people who are considering ARC?

“I have told people it’s the best place to be. You all treat them phenomenally. Kids, adults, you all treat them very well. All of the ARC staff, you put your own on these kids… I have never been to a program like this. You walk through the door and you feel the love… You guys are phenomenal. I have nothing bad to say. I would tell the world about ARC…. ARC is a beautiful place. How nice it is, how clean it is, because you guys show nothing but love.”

If you are interested in learning more about ARC and would like to setup a visit, please call 718-531-7500. We look forward to hearing from you!